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CBD oil benefits for diabetes – Does CBD Oil Lower Blood Sugar?

Diabetes is a type of disease where a person’s body finds it hard to regulate the level of glucose or sugar in the bloodstream. In a healthy person, the pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that works for transporting glucose molecules across the cell membranes and in the cells for the production of energy.

In a diabetic patient, depending on whether they have Type 2 or Type 1 disease. The body is either not able to produce insulin or it is not able to use this in such a way. That is adequate enough to keep glucose at a healthy level in the bloodstream.

As a result, unstable or irregular glucose levels can lead to an array of life-threatening and severe conditions. When it comes CBD oil extract and cbd hemp oil benefits for diabetes. Then, there are two primary things you have to consider to identify the viability degree. This drug has an on this disease that is getting more and more prevalent.

But, the million dollar question now here is,  what are the cbd oil benefits for diabetes?

Diabetes and CBD (Cannabidiol): What Research Studies Reveal?

In the medical community, anecdotal evidence will just go so far.

So, in spite of the fact that a lot of diabetics use cbd oil extract on a daily basis to help in managing their condition, many physicians will surely be wary of suggesting this as a treatment unless they could point to the precise physiological reasons as to why it is beneficial.

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Cbd and all other cannabinoids contain the potential to treat nervous disorders and cancer, hemp oil CBD diabetes has been among the most comprehensively researched aspects of medicinal cannabis.


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Research scientists have pointed out to the fact that the naturally occurring CBD receptors happen in different parts of the human body. From immune cells to organs, to nervous tissues and the brain. And among the organs where these receptors are highly prevalent is none other than the pancreas.

The truth is that endocannabinoid receptors, specifically CB-1 receptors, have been discovered particularly in the islet cells of the organ. In the precise location wherein insulin is being produced. On top of it, the stimulus of the receptors in islet cells has been discovered to have direct associations with the production of insulin.

Now, even though the research is somewhat intriguing. It is not possible to just sit there and claim that the endocannabinoid receptors have direct responsibility for insulin production. That cbd oil extract is a diabetes cure in any form or shape.

While there is a possibility that these receptors may play a vital role in the production of insulin, further research must be done to identify the physiological mechanisms and precise chemical pathways responsible for it.

According to preliminary studies of CBD oil benefits for diabetes

It is safe to say though that the preliminary studies of CBD oil benefits for diabetes have been very promising.

This is what led Dr. Joseph Alpert who works for the American Journal of Medicine, ask the National Institute of health and the DEA for additional collaboration. Also, funding for continued research into the effectiveness of cbd for diabetes.

Aside from that, the NORML or National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has even gone so as far as suggesting that the endocannabinoids. It may be the most vital physiologic system involved in maintaining and establishing human health. Confirming there are  CBD oil benefits for diabetes.

According to their key role in the regulation of homeostasis. Which is the ability of the body to maintain the normative operating conditions despite the harmful stimuli.

CBD to Treat Diabetes – How CBD Helps Treat Different Underlying Medical Conditions

What has been more concrete than the research on the role of CBD in the production of insulin is the research on insulin’s ability to help prevent and treat common medical conditions related to diabetes.

Among the most common factors related to the development of resistance to insulin in Type 2 diabetes is the chronic inflammation associated with obesity.

Excessive fatty tissue’s presence in obese Type 2 diabetics significantly limits the glucose metabolism’s efficiency, and in turn, this result’s in a high build-up of sugar in the bloodstream.

However, CBD’s specific anti-inflammatory properties have long been documented to directly address glucose metabolic disorders and enhance overall metabolism.


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One condition often related to diabetes is nerve damage. In most cases, diabetics will have rather limited sensation in the lower extremities. In more severe cases, leg or legs amputation may even be necessary.

It is the result of a lack of adequate blood flow. That eventually leads to the tissue breakdown and higher risks of infection. In turn, CBD has been federally patented as a neuroprotectant revealed to lower infarcts. Also, spots of dead tissue because of the absence of blood flow, by as much as 30%.

Likewise, dozens of publications have also revealed great promise in CBD’s role in treating diabetes. Includes studies on diabetic cardiovascular dysfunction and retinopathy, a type of eye disorder.

In short, the therapeutic CBD oil benefits for diabetes and its medical potential is nothing short of phenomenal.

There are already thousands of diabetics who have found cbd oil extract is beneficial. Beneficial for diabetes including cbd hemp oil benefits, cbd paste or cbd edibles daily. It treat the condition and enhance their overall life quality. Many of them continue doing so in the future thanks to the improved information and increased research.

On a side note, it is essential to point out that the use of cbd oil extract is not going to make you feel high. Not like the whole plant marijuana, this contains almost no or little THC. Which is the particular cannabinoid that is responsible for the drug’s psychoactive properties.

Final Thoughts on cbd oil benefits for diabetes

CBD oils can vary when it comes to the overall concentrations of active cannabinoid. Not every cbd tincture, cbd oil extract, cbd hemp oil benefits, cbd paste, cbd edible or any other cbd product is the same.

Various dosages will be needed which depends on the particular oil you choose to use. However, the right dosage will be indicated on the bottle. However, you will have to go through a trial and error period to find your personal sweet spot.

Similarly, CBD oil is in no way guaranteed to treat all diabetics. While most patients find this very therapeutic, it is definitely more useful for some compared to others. As always, do your research and talk to a professional to know if CBD is right for you and your condition.


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