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Help with epilepsy and, Extend the Lives of Pancreatic and other Cancer Patients?


There has been a lot of buzz about CBD  and hemp products in the last few years; many research studies have focussed on finding if there are any healing properties in Hemp products, especially for Pancreatic Cancer and epilepsy patients.

Many studies have found that CBD products are effective for some cancer patients and can help stimulate their appetite, lower Neasua and Pain.

New research has found that One of the cannabis – hemp plant’s major ingredients might be able to help pancreatic cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to live longe.

Scientists from London’s Queen Mary University in the UK discovered that mice undergoing chemotherapy for this disease were able to survive 2.5 times longer if they were also given cannabis extract CBD or cannabidiol.



Professor Marco Falasca, the lead researcher, claimed that this result was remarkable.

CBD is among the primary components of cannabis. However, what makes it different from THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is that it doesn’t have a psychoactive effect that gives you a high feeling and is licensed as a medical product already.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst outcomes of all type of cancer, with survival rates almost unchanged in four decades.

The journal Oncogene published this study that examined the effect of CBD on mice suffering from the disease, mice were given Gemcitabine, a common chemotherapy drug.

The mice treated with this mixture of drugs had median average survival of 56 days as compared to the 20 days for the ones that were left untreated

On the other hand, the mice that underwent chemotherapy alone were able to live for a median of 23.5 days.

According to Professor Falasca, the use of cannabidiol in clinics has been approved and this means that they can quickly proceed to testing this in clinical trials on humans.

If they can produce similar effects in humans, there is a possibility for cannabidiol to be used in cancer clinics almost instantly , without any long waiting time from the necessary authorities.

The pancreatic cancer patients’ life expectancy has scarcely changed in the past 40 years since there were relatively few and mainly palliative care treatments that are available.

Since the 5-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer patients is below 7%, the discovery of new therapeutic strategies and treatments is needed without delay.

The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund funded the study that revealed that the combination of the drug seems to help block the protein known as GPR55 that slows down the growth of the pancreatic cancer cells.

CBD medicines and oils with a higher content of THC were freshly approved for the controlled use in Home Office’s prescription.

However, the extract used in the study was medical grade with almost no THC.

It has been known that this improves chemotherapy’s side effects, including vomiting and nausea, which means that this may also enhance the patients’ quality of life according to researchers.


The implication of the Announcement of the Government on Medical Cannabis – CBD OIL FOR Pancreatic cancer


Over 9,000 people in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on an annual basis.

Theoretically, a CBD product can become a part of the market right away since this is less closely regulated. However, independent experts claim that there is a need for more trials.

Pancreatic cancer is among the most difficult to cure cancers, and there is an urgent need for new treatments. Although there are promising results, there are still lots of important unknowns.

At present, the overall consensus in the research community is that Cannabinoids, CBD and Hemp products all can help in the management of all types of cancer

Deschantay at Definest CBD oils supplements UK, explains that the company provides a full CBD product range, adding all their products are made from some of the strongest CBD hemp oils, available in the UK. 

All at Definest CBD oils supplements UK are encouraged by the many research studies which have highlighted  the benefits of CBD and Cannabinoids products Uk

CBD- Hemp products can help with many health conditions including depression, anxiety, itching skin, high blood pressure, diabetes to name a few.

Can CBD Oil help with Epilepsy?

Cannabis Oil – Is it a Potential Treatment for Epilepsy?


Sajid Javid, the home secretary OF THE UK, announced that the government is set to review the reclassification of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

This is spurred by the claims that cannabis products were able to banish the challenges faced by families with children suffering from life-threatening epileptic seizures.

Just recently, days after Heathrow customs confiscated the anti-epileptic cannabis oil supply of 12-year old Billy Caldwell, he was brought to the hospital after experiencing his first seizures after several months.

Billy became the very first patient to acquire a prescription from the NHS last year for using medical cannabis with the help of his general physician in North Ireland.

However, the Home Office intruded and his mother Charlotte was forced to go to Canada.

Billy and another epilepsy patient, the 6-year old Alfie Dingley, were given emergency licenses for using cannabis products.

Dingley’s family has been spearheading campaigns for the legalization of medical cannabis. A panel of medical professionals is set to review future cases.

Any change in status may put the drug in the same category as heroin that is being prescribed if doctors find it necessary.


Can CBD Oil help with Epilepsy? continued…..


How is Cannabis- CBD Oil Defined?

Cannabis oil in Britain is defined as the extract of cannabis plant that contains cannabidiol or CBD, one of the major components of the plant.

Unlike THC, cannabis’ psychoactive component which is the reason behind its recreational high, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effect and this is legally sold in the United Kingdom provided that the THC content is less than 0.05%. But, marketing it as a type of medication require more rigorous safety protocols to be approved by MHRA or Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Associations.


Cannabis CBD Oil – Is It Effective Against Epilepsy?

There’s good evidence from clinical trials done in Europe and US that the cannabidiol’s pharmaceutical preparations are effective against 2 kinds of severe childhood epilepsy, which are known as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome.

While such products were made as pharmaceuticals, CBD remains the same in the cannabis preparation of Billy Caldwell. Such kinds of epilepsy are frequently resistant to the conventional anti-epileptic drugs and based on published findings, these are being considered by US FDA and European Medicines Agency that will decide whether they may be licensed for medical use.

According to the University of Exeter’s Professor Celia Morgan, there are some reported instances of cannabis plant being used for treating epilepsy dating back 4 millennia. There are also reviews of animal and human evidence that conclude THC might have anticonvulsant properties and some cannabinoids in the plant-like cannabidavarin, which is an anticonvulsant.


Can Cannabis Oil Help Other health Conditions?

There’s good evidence that such drugs work in some conditions too. It includes their use for addressing muscles spasms and pain in those who have multiple sclerosis. CBD products may help reduce anxiety and might be helpful when tackling addiction and psychosis. THC also works in reducing nausea as well as stimulating appetite in cancer and HIV. There’s evidence from Tourette’s, inflammatory bowel disease and that it can be effective when it comes to pain.


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