Does cbd oil get you high

I say does cbd oil get you high   …… humor there, if your a fan of corrie then you would have got that 🙂

…………………………………………………hold on a minute let me just ask someone who would know……..

“rocket man can cbd oil get me high, am I gonna trip on thc no?” , not on your nelly, cbd oil does not get you high at all, no way, no how.

THAT’S A BIG FAT NO, IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!          Click here to buy definest cbd oil  UK online now, or if you still need more convincing read on.


In short, cbd oil, cbd capsules and all our full spectrum cbd products make you feel relaxed and eases your pain, helping to soothe your mental worry about your pain.

CBD allows your mind, body, and soul to send and receive signals to each other. This process helps your body and its immune system to work better with your mind and soul.

This creates the holistic environment which your body needs to regenerate itself if you think of the cannabis or hemp plant, now imagine when a branch snaps, if you catch it in time and give it support the branch will heal. Resulting in you not losing that branch.

It is the same with your body, if you provide it with the right environment by changing your lifestyle habits, then you can heal or at least alleviate most of the pain of even the most excruciating of conditions.

This is why so many people worldwide use CBD oil to relive many diseases including diabetes, depression, stress, anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, joint pain, muscular pain, mood swings, to ad recovery after an operation, IBS and many more.

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How does cbd make you feel- the effects of cbd oil.


Because you are not smoking or vaping, ingesting cannabis you will not get high, the high comes from burning the THC or swallowing it in some other manner.

Smoking and ingesting cannabis will get you high,  taking cbd oil will not make you feel high, although you will have the general feel-good factor the more you sued cbd oil because your pain will be relived.

Many people who take cbd as food or nutritional supplement report that they do feel more relaxed after taking cbd oil, but it is not the same high feeling which you get from the traditional methods.

We have researched online and took feedback from some of our own customers, and many cbd oil users feel mellow, pain-free, calm and light from using cbd.

At definest cbd supplements ltd, we recognized the holistic benefits of cbd oil, cbd oil helps create a balance in the body, our ancestors were daily users of cbd oil.

Please see the image below and you will see that cannabis has always through history been used to remedy may ailments and diseases throughout the History of mankind.

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So to answer the question………………….Does CBD oil get you high


No, however as part of a healthy and varied lifestyle cbd oil can help you align your min body and soul and help you run your body just how nature intended.

Some people may call it a placebo effect and maybe it is, I mean everyone knows about the placebo effect, you are told a pill will make you feel better, so you start to feel better.


Is this the same with cbd oil?

Well ……………………no in short…………CBD has been scientifically proven to help with the relief of pain ……………….here comes the science,



Each person has a CB1 and CB2 receptor in the central nervous system so one can say that cbd oil and cannabis are central to each person overall health and wellbeing. Alongside a healthy lifestyle of course.


The CB1 AND CB2 are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), every single human being has an ECS. Yes, that’s right, you saw right,  each person has cannabis/ hemp receptors in their Brain and spinal chord …..see how mother nature loves us humans so?


Cbd oil can help you see the miracles and a wondrous provision that is available for one and all contained in mother earth and nature! Research into the CB2  receptor has found that it does play a role in balancing the body’s internal systems.


Early research suggests that the introduction of cannabinoids into a person’s immune system could bring their body back into balance. Here at defines cbd ltd we know so we have a well-read holistic healer on broad who lives by this.


She even goes as far as saying that most of the worlds current mood disorders and disease are because of the lack of cannabis in the system, after all, if each person has a cannabis receptor in their body and as marijuana has been banned in many countries worldwide.


That’s generations of people lacking in a vital ingredient and other goodies that are found in the cannabis and hemp plants.


Maybe if we got the world on CBD most of the worlds social issue will decline? What do you think?

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So, to sum up ….. Does cbd oil get you high ? , NO


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