Q1. Can I take CBD for my Illness?

We cannot specifically say anything about CBD for some specific disease. We sell CBD products as the food supplements and not to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. Do your own research or consult with your doctors before adding CBD to your dietary supplement regimen.

Q2. How CBD and THC are different?

Many people think that CBD and THC are the same things. But it is important to clarify something. Both are derived from the cannabis plant. Both are called cannabinoids, but THC and CBD are not the same things.

THC has psychoactive properties, and CBD is non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Our definest CBD oils, particularly full spectrum oils contain very less amount of THC, it does not get you high.

Q3. Is it legal to sell CBD Hemp Oil?

Yes, CBD Hemp Oil is legal throughout the European Union and the United States.

Q4. What does CBD oil work?

CBD Oil works for a lot of benefits. CBD Oil reduces the symptoms of cancer, epilepsy, pain, neuropathic and many diseases. It also helps to reduce anxiety and depression. But we recommend using our CBD Oil-based Products after consultation with Doctors.

Q5. Is there some specific method of ingestion?

Yes, there is some specific method of ingestion, but it depends on the product, what you purchase. CBD can be consumed in many ways as Balm, Oil vaping, CBD Capsules, tinctures, and CBD oil. Each product comes with instructions to make ingestion easy. Always follow the instructions on the pack of the product before using it. Cbd oils and Paste are commonly taken under tongue.

Q6. What is the safety of CBD Oil? Are there side effects of CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is considered safe for most people because of its curative properties, but some people claim its side effects. In some cases, CBD oil causes diarrhoea, lack of appetite, and change of weight. That’s why we always recommend consulting doctors about the dosage of CBD.

Q7. Is Hemp derived CBD oil products expensive?

Yes, CBD Oil products derived from hemp are expensive. Some products are expensive that is imported from other countries. We import some products from the EU. We need to cover the shipping cost of the product we import. Our CBD oil is also extracted from hemp through the best manufacturing process. After testing its purity, it’s packed and sold. That is why it is an expensive product. But at Definest, we provide CBD products at reasonable rates than others.

Q8. Can CBD Oil get you high?

No, CBD Oil cannot get you high. THC has psychoactive properties that can get you high, but CBD is totally non-psychoactive cannabinoid.  CBD is absolutely secure and safe for use.

Q9. Does CBD cooperate with different drugs?

Yes, CBD can co-operate with other drugs. But CBD inhibits while taking some medicines. When you are taking some medications or supplements, you should consult with your doctor to reduce any side effects of CBD.

Q10. Can I make CBD-rich brownies or other CBD edibles?

Yes, it is common to make CBD-rich brownies and other CBD edibles with cbd oil or paste, Read recipes of CBD brownies and other edibles. But for good results, use CBD oil with olive oil.

Q11. Why you should buy from us?

You should buy CBD products from us because;

  • Our products are 100% Natural and pure. We provide quality CBD supplements to our customers.
  • We provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Our prices are reasonable than others.
  • Our shipping process is very fast. When a customer places an order, they receive products in 3 to 5 business days, depending on geographic location. Some customers receive their order in less than 24 hours.
  • We always keep stocks of all CBD Supplements in our store.

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