Production of CBD to Improve with Soon-to-Open Cannabis Farm in Lincolnshire, UK

Sundial Growers has acquired the Bridge Farm Group based in Spalding. Sundial Growers is a licensed grower of cannabis with plans of using the land to produce CBD.

Sundial has revealed their plans of using the site in Lincolnshire to grow hemp for the production of CBD. Bridge Farm will be expanded to around 3.8 million square feet that will make it one of Europe’s biggest completely automated growing structures.

Bridge Farm Group is one of the leading growers of herbs, flowers, and plants in the United Kingdom and they also release an announcement of their becoming a part of the Sundial Growers Inc. of Canada.

The Executive Chairman of Sundial, Ted Hellard, said that Bridge Farm is an acquisition that they have long set a goal on.

The present size of the structure of Bridge Farm is 1.8 million square feet, and by early 2020, this will be increased up to 2.8 million and by the end of 2020, it will expand up to 3.8 million. This expansion will allow Bridge Farm to be named among the biggest completely automated facilities for protected growing in entire Europe.

Hellard also added that they believe that this will give Sundial the chance to become one of the very first movers at scale in Europe’s CBD wellness market.

The retail relationships and supply chain capacity of Big Farm, together with their unsurpassed capacity opens exciting possibilities for the global wellness platform of Sundial brand. Hellard welcomes David and his entire team on board.


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High Demand for CBD Paves the way for Increased CBD Production

Bridge Farm’s Chief Executive David Ball said that being a family business, they take pride in the way that they managed to grow Bridge Farm into its present position as among the most successful horticultural businesses in the UK.

There is a growing demand for different CBD products as a result of the increasing awareness of consumers in the United Kingdom market.

But, consumers always expect confidence in every product they purchase.

As growers, their philosophy is that plants should always be of the highest quality and should also be grown sustainably. Now, they want to bring this expertise to health products that use CBD as its main component.

He also added that this transaction will allow them to strengthen and solidify key customer relationships. This will then secure their future as among the fastest-growing local businesses in the UK.

The Chief Executive of Sundial Torsten Kuenzlen said that they are pleased that Bridge Farm has chosen to become a part of Sundial and they are delighted to welcome their new colleagues.

He also added that Bridge Farm has extensive expertise that they can learn from and they believe that that they can contribute to the continuous growth of what is now a UK business of Sundial.

Consumers always deserve the best quality of CBD health products that are trustworthy, and they are all excited about this wonderful opportunity.


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