Hemp and CBD Companies Plan University Research for Validation of Anecdotal Evidence


hemp research,  for wellness

The increasing number of academic research and studies on cannabinoids derived from CBD is giving today’s CBD companies brand new opportunities for finding university partners.

These efforts have the purpose of validating anecdotal evidence regarding the health benefits of cannabidiol.

This boom in research is thanks to the new legal status of hemp. Cannabis entrepreneurs funded it as they see it as their chance to bring the stamp of authority to the industry that is still deemed as quack medicine by some people.

Medterra CBD’s CEO, Jay Hartenbach, stated that they are taking some prevailing anecdotal evidence and conducting research on it for quantifying what they already know as true as far as CBD is concerned. Medterra CBD is the sponsor of the research conducted in Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine.

Baylor, among other things, is going to use products from Medterra to research if CBD can help address cartilage damage linked to arthritis.


hemp research , for wellness continued



The Search for Validation

Hartenbach said that whatever the findings will be, it makes perfect business sense to invest in university research.

He added that they wish to advance CBD then introduce this to the mainstream. The company of Hartenbach is spending a 6-figure investment on this Baylor partnership.

Dozens of universities publicly explore cannabis research, especially because low THC hemp varieties are now legal.

A cannabis market research firm in Chicago, Brightfield Group, revealed that at least 38 universities today are participating or leading in the clinical CBD trials.

Universities are sponsoring more CBD clinical trials compared to private pharmaceutical companies as revealed by the report of the research firm in its US CBD Market Report in 2019.

A Win-win Situation for Universities

Many academic institutions are excited to look into and study hemp and its products. The pace of this research is predicted to increase in the next few years, according to horticulture professor Bruce Bugbee of Utah State University.

Bugbee added that growers have shown interest in their studying of cannabis for several years. However, they couldn’t take any money from it since this was considered illegal at the federal level.

The change has been spurred by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Bugbee, who studies hemp yields under the LED lights, added that cash-strapped graduate-level researchers and academics are showing the same level of interest as that of CBD and hemp producers in discovering more about this interesting plant.

He also said that he expects that a year from now, there might be more universities that will study it, with the numbers going double or triple even.

The Results are Worth the Wait

It may take years before academic research is completed yet the payoff is going to be enormous if this will pave the way for the broader acceptance of CBD and hemp products, according to Hartenbach.

He said that there are tons of articles you can find online that are wondering if CBD is real or if its just a fad. He hopes that through the research, they will learn more about CBD and the things it can and cannot do for people.


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