How to use CBD oil for anxiety


How to use CBD oil for anxiety ? Oil, CBD capsules, CBD balms, CBD edibles, cbd tincture for anxiety and cbd hemp oils all help you feel more relaxed on to of that the other cannabidiol in our full spectrum extractions including CBN which helps with relaxation and muscle spasms.

CBD which helps with anxiety, sickness, helps lowers body pressure CBD oil, cbd capsules and cbd edibles work with the called CB1 receptor in the brain to help relieve the chemical reactions of anxiety.

CBD can help cure and sooth many ailments, but here at defines CBD we recognized that to get the best benefits out of CBD oil you need to take it as part of a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

We recommend that when you start to use CBD you also take up meditation/ relaxation, you can listen to the music, we will post some links to some music we recommend below or you can listen to any music of your own that chills you out.


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I know life is hard and we have all been through situations that make us feel anxious, each person’s anxiety affects them differently.

However, the key to overcoming anxiety is learning how to relax, learning to see that bad thing can and will happen, and you still can be ok.

Easier said than done but may I recommend this talking meditation by Lousie Hay


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Always, seek medical advice before taking any of our cbd products, early scientific research shows that cbd reacts with the CB1 receptor in the brain, scientists do not know how exactly yet, nevertheless they think it interacts with the serotonin signals.


Serotonin is a critical chemical which the body produces naturally which is crucial for good mental health. Cbd oil, cbd capsules, cbd edibles, and cbd products are thought to help produce serotonin.


Having little or not enough serotonin is a causal factor for anxiety for some people, studies have shown that cbd helps improve symptoms for suffers from anxiety, depression, insomnia PTSD, CPTSD ( one of our staff members suffers from CPTSD and uses cbd to help, and it does!).

CBD tincture for anxiety and neuroprotective benefits

One study also found cbd at the dosage of (600) mg can help relieve anxiety, one study in 2016 found that cbd help 36.5% had fewer epileptic seizures, however, 12% did not react well to cbd.

Research is now being conducted into the neuroprotective benefits of cbd and cbd tincture for anxiety to help with conditions like strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease. Cbd can also help reduce inflammation they are countless benefits to cbd.

Our advice is to start with a low dosage, find your sweet spot, eat healthily, try and relax, and take some exercise even if it’s dancing to your favorite music in your bedroom.

Never stop taking any medication without talking to your doctor first, I recommend counseling alongside medication and learning to manage your condition.

Know that you are worthy and you can make a contribution to the world, the first step is to look after yourself first.

Then find your passion and share it with the world, cbd can make you have the energy to do the things you didn’t have the energy to do for.

Please click below to buy our golden syrup cbd oil, hemp oil, cbd capsules or cbd balms CBD tincture for anxiety now. Our edible ranges are coming soon.


Relaxation music

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