Phix Vs Juul Review – UPDATED 2019 – Health Risks, Charging & More


Phix Vs Juul Review – UPDATED 2018 – Phix Vs Juul Health Risks, Phix Vs Juul Nicotine,Phix Charging & More


Over the years, most of the population of the world has come to the realization that cigarettes and mostly any tobacco-based product are incredibly bad for your health. Over 90% of all lung cancer deaths in the world are caused by tobacco products, and more women die of lung cancer each year as compared to breast cancer. All of this sounds very bleak, but as was once very rightly said, ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’.


In 1963 Herbert Gilbert popularised his ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette’. With the improvement of technology, there came many variations of this product, including vape pens and vape pods. The latter of these two is now more popular than ever, and in recent times, sales of vape pods have skyrocketed. Two of the most popular vape pods are the JUUL and the PHIX, both of which have their own pros and cons. If you’re confused about which one to buy, keep on reading and hopefully, by the time you’re done, you should have been able to make your decision.


Phix Vs Juul- Design and Features




The Juul is a sleek, conveniently portable device that takes only 25 mins to charge. The pod comes with a 0.7 ml capacity, which although seemingly less is good enough for average use. The Juul has an extensive variety of flavors, some of which include Mango, Cucumber, Menthol, Creme Brulee, and good old Classic Tobacco.


This wide range of flavors is a very attractive feature since variety in flavor is something that is prized in vape products. The Juul comes with a battery indicator, has a good amount of nicotine in each hit, providing you with a strong flavor and because of the company’s distribution network, is incredibly easy to find.





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The bulkier of the two competitors, the Phix makes excellent use of its size. Although it takes about 40 minutes to fully charge a Phix, it comes with a 280mAh battery that will last you a long time.


The large size of the vape also allows more liquid into the pod itself, which means you won’t have to replace your Phix pod as frequently as a Juul. The flavour range, although not as diverse as the Juul is still pretty good, including flavours like Butterscotch, Strawberry, Spearmint and Original Tobacco.


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Phix Vs Juul Price Range




The starter pack for the Phix comes with the device itself, 1 charger, and 1 refill of 1.5 ml. This starter pack will cost you about $34.95/ 27-29 GBP, with extra refills costing about $22.99/ 15-17 GBP  for a pack of 4.




The Juul comes with 1 device and 4 refills in its starter pack with the price tag being $48.95. Extra refills of 0.7 ml come in at $15.95 for a pack of 4. It’s worth mentioning that the Juul comes with a 1-year warranty while the Phix doesn’t come with any warranty.

Phix Vs Juul Health Risks


Many people believe that using vape pens or vape pods such as the Juul and Phix instead of conventional cigarettes means that there are no Phix vs Juul health risks involved. But these people would be wrong. Vaping does incur side effects to your health, some of which can get serious over time. The nicotine contained in vapes is addictive and can negatively impact brain development in teenagers and adolescents.


It can also increase the heart rate and blood pressure of the user and lead to diseases. Such as chronic bronchitis and insulin resistance which would then lead to type 2 diabetes. Other substances contained in vapes, such as formaldehyde and antifreeze are toxic and can negatively impact your health. The vapor that is released by the user into the atmosphere can adversely affect bystanders the same way second-hand smoke would. So, Phix vs Juul health risk is also with health benefits.


Phix Vs Juul  Nicotine


Phix Vs Juul Nicotine- The Phix and the Juul both come with similar nicotine percentages. It comes in at about 5% nicotine, which is the same as a pack of cigarettes. Although there may not be serious harm that is incurred by cigarettes. Nicotine is still highly addictive and can lead to other health issues, as mentioned above.


The Phix has more tobacco-based e-juices while the Juul has more variety. So, apart from that, there isn’t much difference between them.


Phix Charging Issues


The Juul comes with a wireless magnetic USB charger which doesn’t pose many issues. It’s compact, portable, charges really fast and doesn’t have any cables to take care of. On the other hand, the Phix comes with a wired USB charger. It takes a full 40 minutes to charge your vape.

As is the case with the vape itself, the charger is bulky and as mentioned, is wired. It’s also not possible to check on your Phix’s charging battery level. So, you never know when it may die if you don’t remember the last time you charged it.


The Juul, on the other hand, needs to only be tapped twice to check on its battery. Green light for high

charge level, yellow for medium, and red for low.


Phix Vs Juul Vs Bo


When talking of vapes, most people usually only talk about the two vapes we mentioned. But recently, there has been another competitor rising through the ranks. The BO One is a vape that is on a completely different level as compared to the Phix or Juul.


It’s priced almost the same as the Phix. But comes with a 380mAh battery, refills of 1.5 ml, 12 different flavors and up to 8-16mg nicotine strength. It’s also certified Diacetyl and Acetyl free. So you might want to consider this too when you look for a new vape.


Phix Vs Juul Review – UPDATED 2018 – Which Is Better?


As for the winner of the comparison, we think the Juul is the superior of the two vapes. It’s sleeker and better designed, comes with 4 pods in the starter pack. It is more efficiently charged. It has morflavorsrs, and is widely available.


Although the Phix is excellent for prolonged vaping sessions. If you’re not planning on vaping for an hour or two straight frequently. We don’t see the point of choosing the Phix over the Juul.


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