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Possible Ways to Give Patients Access to Medical Cannabis- and CBD oil Prescriptions UK


Medical Cannabis Clinicians’ Society and The Academy of Medical Cannabis’ Professor Mike Barnes discusses the accessibility or lack thereof of patients to prescriptions for medical cannabis as the National Health Service hasn’t issued a single prescription since November.

During his speech at the Europe Expo, Professor Barnes has given insight into the existing environment in the United Kingdom when it comes to patient access to prescriptions for medical cannabis and cbd oil uk

When asked to provide an overview of this situation and if there were any changes at all, Professor Barnes said that sadly, there were very little changes made.

The law on the use of medical cannabis changed on November 1 last year, and this caused a celebration. They were hoping that this law would open more possibilities of prescription for many people. Sadly, since November, the National Health Service hasn’t issued not even one, prescriptions for medical cannabis for cbd oil uk.

To the best of his knowledge, Professor Barnes revealed that there were just 22 prescriptions written in the private sector. Of these prescriptions, there were only three doctors that have prescribed. One of these doctors was a pain specialist who prescribed for around 15 people with pain. The other is a pediatric neurologist for 7 or 8 children with epilepsy and he himself continued overseeing Alfie Dingley’s prescriptions. That’s just it, making the situation a really sad one.


What Can Things Be Done to Give access to  Medical CBD Oil-Cannabis Prescription’s to UK Patients?

Professor Barnes believes that there are a few things that can be done for patients to gain access to prescriptions for medical cannabis. For starters, it is mostly about educating the doctors.

This is the top priority above all, or else prescriptions for medical cannabis for CBD oil uk patients may never become a reality,  to make access to CBD oil and cannabis prescriptions more accessible is to educate the doctors, on the benefits of CBD oil for health problems.

Since there are lots of ignorance as to what medical cannabis is all about, what dosage is recommended, and what should be prescribed. This is why the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and programs like the Academy Training Program are vital.


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The second one is the need for better guidelines. Through this, the doctors will be given an objective basis for the prescription that is not as equally restrictive as the existing guidelines set by the BPNA and RCP.

Third, there is the need for the NHS to be sensible when it comes to the bureaucracy on prescriptions for medical cannabis since why is there a need for doctors to get their prescriptions approved by trust hierarchies. It is an unnecessary bureaucracy layer that should be removed.

Improving the supply chain is the fourth way that could be done. Every time a doctor creates a prescription, there shouldn’t be any waiting time of 8 weeks for the patient. The United Kingdom government can assist with this supply chain and acquire bulk supply into the country. But, while the government can take such action, as of the moment, they say that since the law has been changed, it is up to the doctors to do something and they can’t tell doctors what they should do. However, in reality, the government can actually do things to improve this bureaucratic experience.

On the other hand, the government can help smooth out the process of getting prescriptions for medical cannabis, while the doctor’s education will allow them write these prescriptions.


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