cannabinoid oil gel capsules, hybrid Full spectrum Plant Extraction 250mg
- 12%

cannabinoid oil gel capsules, hybrid Full spectrum Plant Extraction 250mg


DefinestFull spectrum cannabinoid oil, this product is full of natural cannabinoids and made from kosher/halal gel capsules, 250mg.
These Full-spectrum cannabinoid capsules are made from, Full-spectrum cannabinoid/hemp extract and vegetable glycerine.
We also have a 100mg, Full-spectrum cannabinoid capsules available, see our shop for more details.

250mg, Full-spectrum cannabinoid, pills, made from full-spectrum, whole-plant extraction: 20% MADE WITH GOLDEN Full-spectrum cannabinoid extract and VEGETABLE GLYCERIN. All our capsules are vegan and halal.
approx 42.5mg Full-spectrum cannabinoid, whole plan extract per capsule
All our products should be taken alongside a varied diet.

We use Full-spectrum cannabinoid and Vegetable glycine in our capsules because we feel coconut oil should not be ingested in this way in the way it will be used with capsules. We are currently looking into other methods.

All our products are formulated using a freezing(CO2) process, then we follow with a “Decarboxylation” and long marinating process. This is all we can tell you about the process…… as you know each chef has a unique formula to them!

This product is made using several hybrids Indicia and Sativa, providing a holistic effect, please note all our products include the full spectrum meaning all our products contain all the following goodness – CBD. , CBN, CBL, and CBCVA and all other cannabinoids other ca as well as providing the aromatic cannabis terpenes like pinene and limonene.

All our products are made in-house by a holistic healer is well versed in all things spiritual and holistic; we have many exciting products in the testing phrase…..are aim is to meet the needs of the customer….providing super value and superior quality.

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